Walberswick Mill

Walberswick Mill

Project Summary to date

10 March 2014

  • The base of the mill has been dug out, to the original floor level.  This has exposed original floor boards and some brick.  This was to create a stable base for internal scaffolding to be erected.

  • Internal scaffolding purchased and erected (to be completed 11 March).  This gives access right to the top of the mill, including boarded lifts for works to be carried out.  All existing timbers remain untouched and left in situ to be recorded.

  • Vincent Pargeter (Millwright) has been contracted to:- complete a full structural survey of the mill; record historical fabric of the building; produce A1 drawings to scale and a specification of works.  He will start the survey on Wednesday 12 March.

  • Tim Whiting (Millwright) has visited the site who will provide quotes for:- cap; tailpole; windows; doors; floors and wooden stairs (so we have comparison prices to metal).  These are subject to receiving the drawings from the survey.

  • Further visits to the mill include:-

    • Ian Wright – bricklayer – for brick repair quote

    • MS Oaks – Building contractor – for brick repair quote

    • Collin Collyer – Drainage Engineer - for bunding and drainage quotes

    • East Coast Scaffolding Ltd – for internal and external scaffolding quotes

  • Brian Morton has also obtained a quote for the brickwork and for the steel stairs.

  • Temporary bunding (plastic piling) has been put in around the mill.  As it is a temporary measure which was put in by hand, it did not require planning permission.  It does, however, mean we were able to install a solution to maintain a dry working area around the mill whilst the water levels are increased for the summer.


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