Seventh Minutes

East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust 

Minutes of the Seventh Annual General Meeting of 7th June 2018


Present: Paul Bradley (Trustee, Chairman), Richard Perkins (Trustee, Secretary), Edwin Taylor (Trustee, Treasurer), Andrew Derrick (Trustee), Argus Hardy (co-opted Trustee), Brian Johnson (Volunteer), Lucy Mobbs (Volunteer), Robert Scrimgeour (Technical Adviser), Elizabeth Martin (Technical Adviser).


The meeting opened at 6.54 pm.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Ezra Leverett (Trustee).

  2. The Minutes of the Sixth Annual General Meeting held on 6th April 2017 were held to be a true record and were proposed for approval by ET and seconded by LM. The Chairman signed the Minutes as the agreed record.

  3. The Accounts were presented to the Meeting by the Treasurer. ET confirmed that the accounts were up-to-date for all income and expenditure by the Trust. The Accounts had been proposed by ET and examined and approved by Derek M Hill (Chartered Secretary) on 30th May 2018. ET advised that the Trust had paid out travel costs; the registration fee for Companies House; annual membership of the Heritage Trust Network; and other very small outgoings. The Examiner had suggested putting £5,000 of the Trust’s funds into a building society account with easy access to earn some interest. The Meeting asked ET to investigate options and report back to a future meeting. The Accounts were proposed for approval by the Treasurer and seconded by RP. The Accounts were duly received by the Meeting.

  4. The Chairman read out his report to the Meeting on the Trust’s activities in the previous twelve months. The report was proposed for approval by RP and seconded by AH.

  5. Argus Hardy had been co-opted as a Trustee at the meeting of the Trust on 12th April 2018 under Article 14.8 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Trust. A co-opted Trustee only holds office until the next AGM. Therefore, under Article 9.3.4, PB proposed AH for election as a Trustee. This was seconded by ET and unanimously supported by the Meeting. AH was duly elected as a Trustee and was congratulated and welcomed by the Chairman.

    RP asked AH is he wished to be a Director and a Trustee. AH advised that he would prefer to remain a Trustee, only. RP confirmed that he shall register AH as a Trustee with the Charity Commission following receipt of the necessary details from AH.

  6. No new persons came forward for election.

  7. PB handed out a copy to Trustees of the Welcome Pack published in April 2018 by the Charity Commission. This provides advice on the role and responsibilities of a Trustee.

  8. ET will stand down as Treasurer at the next AGM (2019). ET advised the meeting that he had always indicated that he would wish to step down but also expressed a desire to remain as a Trustee in a role to be agreed with the Chairman. PB gave thanks to ET for his hard work and support and advised the meeting that a replacement will need to be found in time for the next AGM.

  9. The date, time and place of the Eighth Annual General Meeting was fixed as Thursday 6th June 2019, 6.45pm at The Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth. 

The Annual General Meeting closed at 7.10pm                            


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