Fifth AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Fifth Annual General Meeting

of 16th June 2015


Present: Paul Bradley (Trustee, Chairman), Richard Perkins (Trustee, Secretary), Edwin Taylor (Trustee, Treasurer), Ezra Leverett (Trustee), Robert Scrimgeour (Technical Adviser), Ruth Summers (Technical Adviser)

The meeting opened at 6.45 pm.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Chris Chestnutt (volunteer). Following the meeting apologies were received from Andrew Derrick (Trustee) and John Putman (Trustee).

  2. The Minutes of the Fourth Annual General Meeting held on 3 rd June 2015 were held to be a true record and were proposed for approval by Richard Perkins and seconded by Ezra Leverett. The Chairman signed the Minutes as the agreed record.

  3. The Accounts were presented to the Meeting by the Treasurer. ET confirmed that the accounts were up-to- date for all income and expenditure by the Trust other than payment due for the current venue. ET pointed out that the maikn outgoing were bank charges. The Accounts were proposed for approval by the Treasurer and seconded by Richard Perkins. The Accounts were duly received by the Meeting.

  4. The Chairman read out his report to the Meeting on the Trust’s activities in the previous twelve months. RP requested an addition to the report to include that all Trustees’s details have now been updated with the Charity Commission. The meeting agreed to this request. ET mraised a query about what happens when Trustees/Directors resigned. RP replied that he has on-line access and ensures that the relevant changes with the Charity Commission and Companies House are made. RP advised the meeting that there is Directors and Officers’ Insurance but that this will be needed once the Trust mbecomes active with a project to insure that individual Directors/Trustees are not pursued legally. The report was proposed for approval by Edwin Taylor and seconded by Ezra Leverett.

  5. No new persons came forward for election. RS advised the meeting that Argus Hardy, a local architect working for the Heveningham Hall Estate, had previously expressed interested in joining the Trust. The meeting asked RS to follow this up. RSu advised the meeting that Lucy Mobbs, an architect based in Peasenhall, had expressed an interest in volunteering for the Trust, which interest the Trust welcomed.

  6. RP advised the meeting that PB and ET should undergo ‘First TimeDirector’ training and provided details of such forthcoming training, organised by Companies House. RP also advised PB that he should undergo Trustee training as this was his first role as a Trustee.

  7. PB referred to the Minutes of the 4 th AGM in respect of Members of WDC/SCDC being Trustees following the resignation of Geoff Holdcroft. RS agreed to double check if SCDC Member presence was a condition of the original SCDC grant to the Trust. RSu confirmed that there was no such condition attached to the WDC grant.

  8. The date, time and place of the Sixth Annual General Meeting was fixed as Thursday 15 th June 2017, 6.30pm at The Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth.

The Annual General Meeting closed at 7.10pm


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