Chairman's Report 2016

Chairman’s Report – June 2016


  1. The East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust Ltd is a private limited company. It was incorporated on 8 th December 2010. Company number 07464335

  2. The Trust became a Registered Charity on 10 th May 2011, number 1141809

  3. The Trust’s registered address is The Barn, 2 Gunton Church Lane, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32 4LE. This is also the address for all correspondence to the Trust.

  4. The Directors of the Company, who are also Trustees of the charitable organisation, are Paul Bradley, Andrew Derrick, Ezra Leverett, Richard Perkins, John Putman and Edwin Taylor. Barry Vince resigned as a Trustee during the past year.

  5. The Company is governed by its six Directors/Trustees. They met on three occasions in the past year. In addition the Trust continues to be supported by two technical advisers provided by Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils.

  6. In addition to the Trustees the Company benefits from the support and active input of a number of volunteers.

  7. The company runs a website at

  8. The Company is a member of the Heritage Trust Network and sends a representative to its meetings in East Anglia. 

  9. The Company is yet to adopt governance documents in relation to Health and Safety Policy.

  10. In the past twelve months the following activities have taken place:

    1. The Trust has continued to provide active support to restore the windpump at the Natural England reserve on the Westwood marshes nature reserve at Walberswick; and to that end Trustees have agreed to take an active lead following Natural England’s decision not to mpursue a project directly.
    2. The Trust welcomed the election of Edwin Taylor as a Trustee and his adoption of the role of Treasurer to the Trust.
    3. The Trust has taken a monitoring role in respect of proposals at Wingfield House in Saxmundham and Bridge Cottages in Peasenhall. It understands that changes in ownership have given rise to positive prospects for these sites.
    4. Following contacts with the Bawdsey Manor Estate it has become apparent that the estate has no interest in transferring ownership or seeking external support to restore the tin chapel.
    5. The Trust has updated its website in terms of content and management.
    6. All Directors’ details have now been updated at Companies House.
    7. All Trustee details have now been updated with the Charity Commission.
    8. The Trust welcomed the outstanding success of the Halesworth Heritage Open Days in September 2015 and looks forward to a similar success in 2017.
    9. The Trust met with Tessa Hilder, Regional Support Officer of The Architectural Heritage Fund, who provided helpful guidance.
    10. The Trust changed its regular meeting venue from the Day Centre in Halesworth to The Cut Arts Centre, also in Halesworth
    11. The Trust agreed to take a more active interest in buildings at risk in the Waveney District; and to consider commenting on planning applications of interest to the respective planning authorities (Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils).

11. It is anticipated that the activities of the Trust in the next twelve months will be devoted to securing its first building project; actively managing and promoting its website; improving governance; and providing active and mmoral support to other projects.

This report was received and approved by the Annual General Meeting.

Chairman 16th June 2016


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