Fourth AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Fourth Annual General Meeting

of 3rd June 2015


Present: Paul Andrews Bradley (Trustee, Chairman), Geoff Holdcroft (Trustee, Secretary), Edwin Taylor (Co-opted Trustee, Treasurer), Andrew Derrick (Trustee), Barry Vince (Trustee), Richard Perkins (Trustee), Chris Chestnutt (Volunteer), Robert Scrimgeour (Technical Adviser)

 The meeting opened at 6.25 pm.

  1.  Apologies for absence were received from John Putman (Trustee), Ezra Leverett (Trustee), Brian Johnson (Volunteer), Sam Abelman (Volunteer).

  2. The Minutes of the Third Annual General Meeting held on 24th June 2014 were held to be a true record and were proposed for approval by Geoff Holdcroft and seconded by Richard Perkins. The Chairman signed the Minutes as the agreed record.

  3. The Accounts were presented to the Meeting by the Chairman with the support of the Treasurer and Secretary. The Accounts were proposed for approval by Barry Vince and seconded by Andrew Derrick. The Accounts were duly received by the Meeting.

  4. The Chairman read out his report to the Meeting on the Trust’s activities in the previous twelve months. The report was proposed for approval by Barry Vince and seconded by Chris Chestnutt.

  5. Geoff Holdcroft advised that he has been a Trustee since the establishment of the Trust and a member of the steering group prior to that. Last Thursday GH had been made Deputy Leader of Suffolk Coastal District Council and Portfolio Holder for asset management and felt that this could lead to a potential conflict in the future with the activities of the Trust. This, combined with his increased workload as a District Councillor, had led to his decision to resign as a Trustee. GH offered to seek out a replacement Member from SCDC and confirmed that the time provided by Robert Scrimgeour and Ruth Summers in support of the Trust’s activities counts as the support of both Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils. The Meeting welcomed the suggestion of a replacement Member and suggested that one from Waveney District Council is also invited to join as a Trustee. GH confirmed that his appointment was voluntary and not an executive one. GH confirmed that he will continue to work in the meantime with the new Secretary to transfer all relevant details. PAB expressed the Meeting’s profound gratitude for all GH’s support and hard work over his tenure from which the Trust had greatly benefited.

  6. The Meeting accepted, with regret, the resignation of Jenni Livingstone as a Trustee. Chris Chestnutt suggested asking if Jenni would be willing to remain involved with the Trust as a Volunteer. PAB asked for a letter of thanks to be sent.

  7. Edwin Taylor was unanimously elected as a Trustee and thanked for volunteering his support and services to the Trust.

  8. There were no other persons that put themselves forward as Trustees.

  9. GH confirmed that the Trust does not have an Honorary Independent Examiner. RP had investigated costs for this work from Larking Gowen and Lovewell Blake but considered that the costs did not merit the expenditure at this time. RP advised that the Trust still needed to appoint someone to this role as it was deficient in this area. GH volunteered to take on the role of HIE in the interim and the Meeting agreed with and accepted his suggestion with gratitude. RP advised that room hire costs should be accounted for by the Trust and also sundry other charges instead of the voluntary contributions of Trustees and Volunteers. RS confirmed that he had approached Suffolk Pro-Help for assistance but had been turned down.

  10. RS agreed to draft a suite of policy documents for the good governance of the Trust. The Meeting suggested that these can be agreed electronically between meetings of the Trust.

  11. The following Officers of the Trust were appointed by the Meeting:

     Chairman: Paul Bradley
     Secretary: Richard Perkins
     Treasurer: Edwin Taylor

    Richard Perkins volunteered for the role of Secretary subject to the continued active support of the Trust’s Technical Advisers.

  12. The date, time and place of the Fifth Annual General Meeting was fixed as Wednesday 15th June 2016, 6.30pm at the Halesworth Day Centre.

The Annual General Meeting closed at 7.05pm                                             

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