Third AGM Minutes


Minutes of the Third Annual General Meeting

of 24th June 2014


Present: Paul Andrews Bradley (Trustee, Chairman), Jenni Livingstone (Trustee), John Putman (Volunteer), Brian Johnson (Volunteer) Ruth Summers (Technical Adviser). Robert Scrimgeour (Technical Adviser)

The meeting opened at 6.55 pm.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Richard Perkins, Chris Chestnutt, Ezra Leverett, Barry Vince, Geoff Holdcroft, Sam Abelman. Under Article 11.15 of the Trust’s Articles of Association Trustees Richard Perkins, Geoff Holdcroft, Barry Vince and Ezra Leverett had appointed the Chairman to act as their Proxy. Under Article 11.2, therefore, the meeting was quorate.

  1. The Minutes of the Second Annual General Meeting held on 18th July 2013 were held to be a true record and were proposed for approval by Jenni Livingstone and seconded by John Putman. The Chairman signed the Minutes as the agreed record.

  1. The Accounts were presented to the Meeting by the Chairman in the absence of the Treasurer. John Putman asked where the original funds came from and it was explained to him by the Chairman that they originated from grants provided by Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils. The Accounts were proposed for approval by Jenni Livingstone and seconded by John Putman. The Accounts were duly received by the Meeting.

  1. The Chairman read out his report to the Meeting on the Trust’s activities in the previous twelve months. The report was proposed for approval by Jenni Livingstone and seconded by John Putman.

  1. Ruth Summers advised the Meeting that Stefan Ganther had confirmed his resignation in writing to the Secretary following the previous meeting of the Trust (in conformance with Article 14.7). The Meeting accepted his resignation and the Chairman asked for a letter of thanks to be provided to Stefan from the Trust for his support and enthusiasm.

  1. John Putman put himself forward for election as a Trustee. As John Putman had attended previous meetings and explained his interest and credentials he was not asked to do so again by those present. At the Chairman’s request by a show of hands of those Trustees present and those represented by proxy John Putman was unanimously accepted as a new Trustee to fill the vacancy created by Stefan Ganther. The Chairman welcomed John Putman to the Trust and its activities.

  1. By the time of the Meeting and at the Meeting no other persons put themselves forward for election.

  1. The Chairman read out an email from Richard Perkins who had secured an expression of interest from a company named Larking Gowen which is willing to provide accountancy and audit services to the Trust. The company is happy to meet the Chairman and another Trustee in its Norwich office, without charge, to discuss a potential appointment. The Meeting agreed that this offer should be pursued and was grateful for Richard Perkins securing it. The Meeting agreed that the Chairman and Richard Perkins should make arrangements to meet LG jointly in Norwich and report back to the next meeting of the Trust.

  1. Robert Scrimgeour suggested that he would be willing to provide drafts of policy documents in the area of Health and Safety, Data Protection and Volunteers for consideration by the Trust at its next meeting. Robert Scrimgeour advised that good governance of the Company requires that it adopts broad policies reflecting its interests and areas of operation. The Meeting agreed this suggestion.

  1. There was no other business to deal with.

  1. The date, time and place of the Fourth Annual General Meeting was fixed as Thursday 25th June 2015, 7pm at the Halesworth Day Centre.

The Annual General Meeting closed at 7.18pm.


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