Chairman's Report 2013

Acting Chairman’s Report – July 2013

Following the resignation of Alan Coombes as Chairman in late December 2012 the Trust has been without a Chairman. Geoff Holdcroft, Secretary to the Trust, has acted in the role for the purpose of conducting the Trust’s business at its meetings since. It is hoped that the Trust will have a new Chairman following its second AGM.

In its second year of business the Trust has held two meetings at which it has pursued its interests in several projects at Crown Street Hall, Lowestoft; the windpump at Walberswick; and Bridge Cottages at Peasenhall. The Trust has ceased to pursue an interest in the tin chapel at the Bawdsey Manor Estate. As a result a letter of support has been provided to the Managing Committee at Crown Street Hall; expert advice is being provided by Trust volunteer Brian Morton to Natural England for its windpump project; and an offer of help has been put to the agent acting on behalf of the Executors of the late owner of Bridge Cottages.

The Trust benefits from the wide range of skills and experience the Trustees and volunteers bring, recently augmented by the co-option of local architectural historian, Dr Paul Bradley. It also benefits from the contacts made through its Trustees and volunteers with local civic societies and amenity groups and wider promotion through the website. It is to be hoped that, with a new Chairman, a vigorous new direction can be taken in participating actively in projects and widening the scope of heritage-at-risk buildings in East Suffolk that it can help rescue. The Architectural Heritage Fund still offers grant assistance for project development and feasibility studies.

The Trust is a member of the Association of Preservation Trusts and benefits from its networking activities and support which, it is hoped, it can actively draw upon in the future. The Trust’s website is now up and running.

Trustees and volunteers are to be thanked for their time and commitment and thanks are also due to the support of the Technical Advisors, in assisting with the operation of the Trust.

Geoff Holdcroft
Secretary, East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust



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