Chairman's Report 2012

ESBPT – Chairman’s Report July 2012

My thanks are due to volunteers and Trustees who helped at the time the Trust was established and who have supported it subsequently.  The Trust is now established as a Company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

In our first year we have selected for investigation a number of possible projects from the presentations made by Robert Scrimgeour, our Technical Advisor.   These include Crown Street Hall, Lowesftoft; Tin Chapel, Bawdsey; Bridge Cottages, Peasenhall; Walberswick Windpump; White Cottage, Framlingham and the Radar Building at Trimley St Mary.  Specifically, the Trust visited Crown Street Hall and met a representative of the users group.

We have heard from the AHF and other BPT’s that BPT’s must persevere with projects as most are long in gestation.  We will have more opportunities to investigate in Waveney and Suffolk Coastal which would benefit from the input of the Trust and its volunteers.

It is important that the Trust is able to draw on a wide range of experience and expertise of our Trustees and Volunteers who have given time and energy to investigate potential projects and to promote the Trust to local Parish Councils, civic societies  and community goups.  It is also important that the Trust is able to draw upon a large number of Trustees/volunteers as clearly not everyone can attend all meetings or have time available to help.  As the Trust’s Articles require that all Trustees must resign at the time of the AGM, I will be looking for volunteers to put themselves forward, either to continue as Trustees, or as new Trustees for another term. 

The AGM will also be an opportunity for those who no longer wish to continue their Trusteeship to step down.

The Trust has joined the Association of Preservation Trusts and attended its regional meetings.  I had also attended regionally-based training events on access to funding; asset transfer and available online resources.  Work is ongoing to create a website for the Trust.  An Annual return has been submitted by the Trust to Companies House.

Again, my thanks are due to our Trustees for all the hard work they have put in to get the Trust up and running, and also to Robert Scrimgeour and Ruth Summers, our Technical Advisors for their invaluable input.  This coming year promises to be an exiting step forward based on the solid framework we have all been involved in creating.


Alan Coombes.  Chairman ESBPT

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