Minutes 19 July 2012

Annual General Meeting 19th July 2012 7pm

Halesworth Day Centre


Present: Alan Coombes, Geoff Holdcroft, Barry Vince, Ezra Leverett, Richard Perkins, Stefan Ganther, Ruth Summers, Robert Scrimgeour


1. Apologies for absence were received from Andrew Derrick, Brian Johnson, Chris Chestnutt, Gail Broom, Patrick Nicholls, Sam Abelman and Peter Wain.


2. Due to an error on the Agenda there was no Item 2.


3. Chairman’s report – AC elaborated on his report to the Trust and highlighted investigations into potential projects at Crown Street Hall, Lowestoft and Bridge Cottages, Peasenhall. Discussion followed regarding the BPT model and its efficacy and RSu made a suggestion that perhaps a speaker could be invited to a future meeting to discuss a completed project and how that was achieved – SG suggested Tom Gondris (Ipswich BPT) or Bob Kindred. AC advised that more Trustees are needed to ensure the operational functionality of the Trust. RP expressed his view that 6-8 Trustees are a good number and that by confirming meeting dates in advance for the year ahead attendance should be ensured. AC advised that Gail Broom and Sam Abelman had resigned as Trustees and thanked them for their excellent work in helping establish the Trust from its outset.


At this point in the Agenda AC changed the order of the meeting and brought forward Item 5 (Election of Trustees).


5. Election of Trustees: the following put themselves forward to the meeting to be considered for election as Trustees:


Alan Coombes: proposed as Trustee and Chairman by Barry Vince; seconded by Ezra Leverett.


Geoff Holdcroft: proposed as Trustee and combined Secretary/Treasurer by Richard Perkins; seconded by Stefan Ganther.


Barry Vince proposed as Trustee by Alan Coombes; seconded by Stefan Ganther.

Ezra Leverett proposed as Trustee by Alan Coombes; seconded by Richard Perkins.


Richard Perkins proposed as Trustee by Geoff Holdcroft; seconded by Barry Vince.


Stefan Ganther proposed as Trustee by Barry Vince; seconded by Geoff Holdcroft.


Jenni Livingstone and Andrew Derrick proposed as Trustees by Ezra Leverett; seconded by Richard Perkins.


The Trust now consists of the following duly elected Trustees:


Alan Coombes – Chairman

Geoff Holdcroft – Secretary and Treasurer

Barry Vince

Ezra Leverett

Richard Perkins

Stefan Ganther

Jenni Livingstone

Andrew Derrick


It was noted with gratitude by the meeting that the following wish to remain as volunteers supporting the Trust and that they are welcome to attend all meetings of the Trust and to support its activities:


Sam Abelman

Brian Johnson

Patrick Nicholls

Chris Chestnutt

Peter Wain


GH pointed out that a third co-signatory was required to replace Gail Broom, alongside AC and GH. All agreed that physical proximity was important and BV (Felixstowe) agreed to become a co-signatory. The meeting also agreed to invite AD (Ipswich) to become a co-signatory.


4. Accounts for 2011-12 – GH presented the accounts for 2011-12 and noted that small items of expenditure had been absorbed elsewhere and that the Trust’s bank balance amounted to the sum of the grants from Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils (£8,000). There will be ongoing costs in submitted returns to Companies House and the Trust’s annual subscription to the Association of Preservation Trusts (£75 – first year’s free membership now expired).

RP moved Resolution 1; seconded by SG. The Accounts were duly approved.


GH asked for suggestions for appointing Independent Examiners to the Trust. BV advised that he would approach a local contact; RP advised he would approach PKF in Ipswich. AC, therefore, directed that Resolution 2 be held in abeyance and placed on the agenda for the next meeting.


6. Motions from the floor to the AGM: there were none.


7. EL updated the meeting regarding the Walberswick windpump. He had not been able to arrange a site visit in April due to delays at Natural England (regional HQ in Norwich). The meeting agreed for EL and SG, as Trustees, to arrange to meet Natural England in Norwich to set up a site meeting as all parties, including the pump’s owner, are keen and willing for a project to happen.


SG updated the meeting regarding Crown Street Hall in Lowestoft. SG produced a Conservation Management Plan for Waveney District Council in January this year and made a presentation to it and the user group in February. SG suggested that the Trust could write to WDC and ask it to adopt the CMP and its recommendations as a way to move a project onwards. User group were having a meeting regarding the building on 19th July 2012, therefore future of the building is still uncertain. SG felt that it is possible that the user group may leave the building entirely in which case a viable commercial project may be proposed on the basis of a mixed use of residential, workshop and club. SG advised that the building is 200 years old this year. The meeting agreed for RP and EL to approach Mike Barnard who is portfolio holder at WDC for Resources to seek WDC’s views on the future of the building.


SG also mentioned the craft skills agenda and his free training days at the Lowestoft Heritage Workshop Centre – details are at:




RS updated the meeting about Bridge Cottages, Peasenhall and the letter and proposal that BJ had sent to the owner’s agent and which had been rejected by him. The meeting agreed that RS should write from SCDC to apply pressure to the owner and remind him of his responsibilities and the opportunity offered by the Trust.


EL proposed that the next meeting discuss raising the Trust’s profile and seeking donations. The meeting agreed that the idea of having informal Friends’ groups in support of individual projects was worth considering and examples were discussed at Happisburgh Lighthouse, Trimley Station and Caistor Lifeboat.


(a) The meeting considered printed copies of the webpages and agreed to ask Aaron Burrell to complete the development of the website as soon as possible. RS was asked to seek from Aaron Burrell the cost of transferring ownership of the website to ESBPT at the end of its development. Management of the website would then revert to the Trust. Another query is how email enquiries via the Contacts page are directed - the view of the meeting was that these should be sent on to all Trustees – RS will clarify with Mr Burrell.


RP left the meeting at 8.35pm


(b) The meeting agreed a donation of £20 towards the hire of the hall and personal donations to this sum were made by BV and GH for which the meeting was very grateful. The meeting also thanked EL for setting up the venue and for providing refreshments.


The AGM closed at 8.42pm.

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